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Windsor Square

In 1885 a group of men formed a syndicate called the Windsor Square Land Co. and bought 200 acres of the Plummer Homestead, bounded today by Plymouth, Bronson, Wilshire and Beverly for $400 an acre. They sold it in 1911 for $5,000 an acre for a total of $1,000,000. The buyers comprised another syndicate, The Windsor Square Investment Company, headed by Robert A. Rowan. The firm of R. A. Rowan and Company was selected to market the tract.

The older part of the tract was bounded by Irving Blvd., Plymouth Blvd., Third Street and Wilshire Blvd. It had a linear street layout with wide streets, wide parkways, elaborate electoliers and trees for which $200,000 was expended. The ornamental light standards were erected with the trademark “WS” at the base. All streets were paved, utilities were underground, long term deed restrictions did not expire until 1965. $7,500 would get you a lot in Windsor Square.

The area to the west of original Windsor Square, which includes Lucerne and Arden from Third to Fifth streets, was a different tract. This small tract was owned as of 1913 by the Wilshire Hills Land Corp.

You can tell where the Wilshire Hills addition and the Windsor Square addition join. At the back lot lines behind Plymouth and Lucerne across 4th and 5th, you will notice that the street surface changes from concrete to asphalt which indicated that different developers laid out the streets. Also, the street lamps on the boulevards in the Wilshire Hills addition are stone, not metal, as in the original Windsor Square tract. Continued...

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