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The Hollywood Dell is located in the Hollywood Hills in the lower eastern Santa Monica Mountains. Before Highway 101 was constructed, this area was one with Whitley Heights and considered part of the original Hollywood Hills. The borders of "the Dell" are east of Cahuenga, north of Franklin, west of Argyle, and south of the Hollywood Reservoir.

The Hollywood Dell is so named because it sits "in" the hills just above commercial and tourist-popular Hollywood, rather than atop the hills. In general, one must travel downhill to enter the dell, and uphill to exit it. The roads within the dell are mainly hilly, and many homes are built on hillside lots. Typical residences in the Hollywood Dell are single-family dwellings with a heavy influence of Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture. There is also an active homeowners association, with voluntary dues, named the Hollywood Dell Civic Association.

A little bit of history... At one time, the Hollywood Dell was part of a chain of neighborhoods in the Santa Monica Mountains stretching from Los Feliz to Beverly Hills.

As the movie business exploded in the 1920s, actors and celebrities of the day moved into the cabins and bungalows dotting the hillsides. With Columbia Pictures studio just down the street at Sunset and Gower, stars could find easy refuge a few blocks away. With the star power also came estates and mansions. Lavish Spanish villas began to sprout up and the Dell, along with the adjacent Whitley Heights, became Beverly Hills of its time.

Long after the entertainment business moved on from Hollywood proper, the Dell continued to thrive. Nearby Hollywood Bowl had opened its gates drawing crowds from all over the city and Hollywood Boulevard still spelled glamor and nightlife for many.

The streets in the Hollywood Dell include Alcyona Dr, Bryn Mawr Dr, Cahuenga Ter, Crest Way, Creston Dr, Creston Way, Deep Dell Pl, Dix St, El Contento Dr, Fink Pl, Fink St, Gilday Dr, Grape Pl, Hargrave Dr, Holly Dr, Ivar Ave, Ivarene Ave, La Granada Dr, La Punta Dr, La Rocha Dr, Longview Ave, Lorenzo Dr, Macal Pl, Mound St, North Cahuenga Blvd, North Georgius Walk, Odin St, Pilgrimage Trail, Pitcher Rd, Primrose Ave, Quebec Dr, Rinconia Dr, Rinconia Pl, San Marco Dr, Timmons Trail, Vedanta Ter, Vine St, Vine Way, Weidlake Dr, Weidlake Pl, West Logandale Dr & Willetta St.

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