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The Beverly Grove Neighborhood

Beverly Grove is a neighborhood within the Beverly–Fairfax neighborhood in the Mid-City West area of Los Angeles. Mid-City.

Beverly Grove is bounded on the north and west by West Hollywood and Beverly Hills on the east by Fairfax Avenue and on the south by Wilshire Boulevard and San Vicente Boulevard.

According to the Los Angeles Conservancy, Beverly Grove was built primarily in the 1920s and has a "combination of quiet charm and close proximity to shopping, restaurants, and museums".

In 2008, the city adopted ordinance 182754 which amended Section 12.04 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code by amending the zoning map because the area unofficially known as Beverly Grove continues to experience out-of-scale development with a noticeable increase in demolitions and the construction of new single-family dwellings. A Residential Floor Area Supplemental Use District (RFA) was created "in order to ensure that new development matches the scale and character of existing buildings in the surrounding area".

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