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La Villa Marina

Marina Del Rey's exceptional La Villa Marina neighborhood was constructed between 1966 thru 1970 and was the second condominium project in Southern California. Consisting of 18 autonomous villas with 685 Town House style residences each with their own board of governors. Walking distance to dining, shopping, theatres, the marina & much more.

In 2006 the development was recognized as an "Award Winning Community" due to outstanding homeowner maintenance.

The units boast spacious open floor plans, multiple levels, high ceilings (some with celestial style windows), private courtyards, pools, spas and outstanding manicured grounds. There is a pride of ownership in this neighborhood not seen in very many communities.

Marina Peninsula

Marina Peninsula is located south of Venice Beach and is formed between the ocean and the Marina Del Rey Harbor. This area is called Marina Peninsula, but it’s considered by most to be Marina Del Rey. The beach here is much quieter, but just as sandy as the nearby Venice beaches. There is no boardwalk either so there are fewer pedestrians.

This area is mostly condos and apartments, many of the best on the oceanfront. The homes that are here are on the larger size and tend to be the most expensive in Marina del Rey.

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